Statute of the institution

Welcome to the official website of the Training and Methodological Center for Vocational Education in Vinnytsia Region.

The Center was established by the order of the Vinnytsia Regional Executive Committee in 1995.

Since September 2018, Vasyl Dorosh, PhD in Law, Associate Professor, has been the head of the VET Training and Methodological Center in Vinnytsia Oblast.

The content of the Center’s activities is aimed at implementing the general methodological problem “Modernization of the content and forms of methodological work in the context of digital transformation of education”.

          The leading idea is to provide methodological support for the professional activities of teachers by introducing modern information and communication technologies into the educational process.

The Center’s special attention is paid to the introduction of a dual form of education; development of public and private partnerships in the vocational education system, implementation of projects supported by the European Union and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, popularization of vocational education, development of international cooperation in educational institutions; study, generalization and dissemination of promising practices, professional development of teachers and promotion of human capital development in the field of vocational education.

The priority tasks of the Center are as follows:

  • updating the content of vocational education, ensuring state requirements for its quality and scope at the level of the latest technologies;
  • formation and implementation of a model of professional orientation of general education subjects in the context of updating educational processes (STEM education)
  • implementation of the main vectors on topical issues of inclusive education in the field of vocational training;
  • popularization of vocational education, intensification of vocational guidance, implementation of effective measures for vocational guidance of students;
  • methodological support for the organization and conduct of competitions of professional skills of students and teachers, subject competitions in general education disciplines;
  • Implementation of innovative approaches to professional development of managers and pedagogical staff of vocational (vocational-technical) education institutions, raising their level of digital literacy;
  • cooperation with the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) on the implementation of the pilot program for reforming vocational education and training Skills4Recovery;
  • studying, generalizing and implementing innovative pedagogical and industrial experience and the latest pedagogical technologies in the educational process in VET institutions;
  • ensuring the implementation of the priority tasks set by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in terms of updating and modernizing the educational environment of VET institutions, updating professional standards, dual education and the development of inclusive education;
  • implementation of eco-activism and youth engagement to combat climate change.

        The defined benchmarks will be implemented on the basis of a system of basic values: professionalism, practice-oriented research, cooperation and partnerships with educational institutions, enterprises and social services.

       The Center coordinates the work of the regional methodological association of practical psychologists and social educators of vocational educational institutions of the region, which consists of 5 creative groups. Given the challenges of today, martial law, reforms in the education sector and changes in the minds of every citizen, one of the important priorities of the Center’s activities is to address current issues and prospects for the development of inclusive education, ensure the psychological stability of participants in the educational process who suffer from military aggression, activate resources and preserve the mental health of students.

An important part of the Center’s work is the implementation of organizational measures and methodological support for the participation of vocational education institutions in regional, national and international competitions among students and teachers. Vocational education in Vinnytsia region takes an active part in the All-Ukrainian competition of professional skills “WorldSkills Ukraine” and has certain achievements in this area.

       At the initiative of the NMC VET in Vinnytsia region, creative groups (consisting of pedagogical staff of vocational education institutions in the region, employers, scientists and methodologists of the Center) were created to develop state educational standards. While working on the draft standards, the labor market of the region is analyzed, and a list of competencies for the projects offered by employers is determined.

       Every year, the Center carries out information and publishing activities of the collection of scientific and pedagogical works “Vocational Education Bulletin of Vinnytsia Region”, which has published more than 865 scientific, methodological, and practical articles.

       In order to improve vocational guidance for young people and career counseling in the education system, the Center, together with the staff of vocational education institutions, social partners, employers, and business representatives, organizes career guidance events: trainings, online seminars, round tables, psychological hours, and virtual tours of institutions.

       Since 2006, the Vinnytsia Oblast Vocational Education and Training Center has been operating an information hub called “IIS Osvita”, which creates a database and orders printing of educational documents.

      The Training and Methodological Center shares its achievements with educators in the region and Ukraine. Over the past 10 years, the Center has received 10 gold and 5 silver medals and 1 highest award of the exhibition “Honorary Diploma of Presentation” at the International Educational Exhibitions “Modern Educational Institutions” and “Innovation in Education”

Sincerely, the team of NMC VET in Vinnytsia region.

We are approaching victory together!